Monica’s Moniker

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Monica's moniker

This passion for fashion, in naming our babies
Alas, will our lass be a Porsche, Mercedes?
Africa, India, Bangalore, Singapore
Nay, a full football team, if you feel she needs more.
Star, starlight, sun, sunlight, my oh my, even windy
Not you, to make do, with a Barbie or Cindy.
There's no shame in a name, that stands out from the crowd
Say it loud, say it proud, but for crying out loud
Remember the name will be with them forever
You may think it's clever, but don't call her Trevor.

17 Comments on “Monica’s Moniker

  1. well said, Hobbo; it’s celebrities who seem to be going in for outlandish name, to mark their little darlings off from the babies of the riff raff who now, in rebellion are choosing outlier names too; whatever happened to humble Bert or Audrey?

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