Photo by Ravi Kant on Pexels.com

A toilet roll
Without a hole,
A useless whole.

A big Black Hole
Devoid of hole
Is big and black
But serves no role.

The footballer
Who scores a goal
What use that goal
Without it's hole?

Spare a thought
For moles and voles
Where would they be
If they'd no holes?

Those bullets fired
Through rifled hole
Of killer's gun
On grassy knoll.

The men who dig
Holes in the street
Are proud of them
The street elite.

The angel with
His gloriole
He, Gabriel
Requires a hole.

The gas inside
A fumarole
It can not pass
Without a hole.

Our own bum-hole
Speaking of gas
Trapped wind to pass.

So now you know
That holes aren't zeros
Empty nothings
Holes are heroes.

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