In praise of smell

Dauphy: You asked me to write a poem about smell.

Hobbo: That’s right. John Malone said their was a shortage of them. I thought you were the best qualified on the subject being a dog and all.

Dauphy: It was a bit difficult.

Hobbo: I thought you’d have found it easy!

Dauphy: It was hard not to mention butt sniffing.

Hobbo: Yeah, I did say that butts were off limits.

Dauphy: Here it is then…

In praise of smell

For an honest appraisal
Of everything nasal
No authority better
Than a bloodhound or setter.

To appreciate scent
In the way that it's meant
You need a canine
Who's prepared to opine.

Olefactory News
Despite the taboos
Unlike our eyes
Never, ever tells lies.

You need a good nose
To distinguish a rose
A type of dog breed
Or a human in need.

With a good sense of smell
You can easily tell
If a human is worth
Being best pal on earth.

Hobbo: That’s great Dauphy. Thank you!

Dauphy: Can I have my breakfast now?

15 Comments on “In praise of smell

  1. Wesley and Charlie are wagging their tails in approval sensing Dauphy’s
    Poetic prowess. They said he should get an extra treat and are sending a round of virtual butt smelling (they forced me to write that). 😬

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  2. what a brilliant opening line to a fine, solid poem; could you post it, Hobbo to my ‘On the Nose’ post where it can serve as the final creative piece on the topic ?

    Liked by 1 person

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