The Pharmacy

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The Pharmacy

Queued for an hour
Quite in distress
Needing my tablets
To help me de-stress.

Along comes an addict
For Methadone say
Knocks at a side door
Is seen straight away.

Now if I were a chemist
Between me and you
Other people come first
And the junkies could queue.

12 Comments on “The Pharmacy

  1. Bright and entertaining. Well, of course, this is The Hobb. After the chuckle, the old thinker kicks-in. (That’s what he intended, no, Dauphy?) Who is to say which of the folk are junkies looking for the thrill or escape and which are the folk who require their daily to stay alive? Hmm? I know some who, do not “need” their meds, simply “want” them. Still I would be hard-pressed if it were my job…

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