The Baffled Blogger

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The Baffled Blogger

There is no rhyme or reason
To visitors and likes
Though writing for a season
I can't predict the spikes.

I work my socks off for a week
On something that goes flop
Throw out nonsense, tongue in cheek
Which zooms straight to the top.

I thought I knew my audience
Though clearly, I do not
It's either reader naughtiness
Or I have lost my plot.

15 Comments on “The Baffled Blogger

  1. it’s not just you, Hobbo; there’s just no foretelling — though what seems to work for me is the off-the-cuff posts seem to do very well because they appear free-wheeling, unrehearsed and therefore more honest; and they are open, friendly, inviting discussion without asking for it ; well, that’s my theory 🙂

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  2. Geeze. Haven’t I heard this before? I’m learning to mark it off to audience whim. I too think I’ve done something creative above the norm to see it languish, while fluff gets raves. Disheartening, often. Frustrating, too. You, of course know my opinions on audiences. I need learn my mind is not quite center, so my expectations count for nothing. If you’re like me, just ONE good comment makes smile-mining a labor worthwhile. Keep pounding-away.

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    • Thanks for the observations. I agree, it is frustrating when you think something better than average bombs, and throwaway stuff gets lauded. Like you say, just keep tapping away!

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  3. If you ever learn to predict an audience you’ll have a grand career in the publishing industry! Humans are fickle creatures. In my opinion, your astute observation of that – in various forms – is the strength of your blog. Cheers!

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