Behind the mask

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Behind the mask

There's the kernel of a knuckle
Behind that ready chuckle
The gaff that makes you laugh
Which hides a paragraph
Of wit, incisive musing
Disguised as light, amusing.
The poet tempting us to grin
Achieves for both, result win-win.

But the bard that has me pause
And think about a cause
The fist inside the glove
The hawk behind the dove
They sir have my blessing
For 'tis more than window dressing.
This philosopher in rhyme
A thinker of our time.

16 Comments on “Behind the mask

  1. While I admire people’s window dressings as much as the next, it is the things that wake us up at night that must be penned. You are definitely quite a poet behind a mask, yourself, friend. Enjoyed!

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  2. well said; the holy fool, poor Tom in Lear, often impart wisdom, more acceptable than hard preaching; the precursors of modern standups like George Carlin whose savage skewering of modern mores can be seen on YouTube —

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