The surgeon’s scalpel

Photo by Lucas Pezeta on
The surgeon's scalpel

Centipede traps foot
Is by a surgeon treated
Sustained a nasty cut
Finishes defeated.

6 Comments on “The surgeon’s scalpel

  1. LOL Took me a moment. It reminds me of a joke my Dad tells. I can’t really remember the whole joke but it’s something about De feet of de duck go over de fence before de tail. See if you can figure out the rest. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. In France, we used to say “le mille-pattes” (Thousand legs). But if its number of legs is variable, it can’t exceed two pairs of hundred legs. Centipede is really the good name.
    In Polynesia, they used to say “le cent-pieds” (Hundred feet).

    Good evening,

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