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My lockdown locks are really, truly
Wild, disheveled, long, unruly.
Scruffy, fluffy, dizzy, frizzy,
In the way when I am busy.

Hairdressing, classed non-essential,
Even Barnets presidential
Are growing, flowing, running wild,
Awkward as a naughty child.

What I'd give to have it cut
Smart again, so I could strut
Down the high street, head held high,
Bien coiffé, a butterfly.

Bien coiffé, well groomed hair
Barnet, UK slang for hair

10 Comments on “Hairdressing

  1. Bit the bullet months ago. Ordered a pair of quality clippers. Boss has a go every two weeks. She’s getting pretty good at it. Not perfect yet, but neither is anything else I got going. Nice peometry.

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    • You’re lucky! Mrs H made a right Barnes Wallace of mine. Made me look like an SS stormtrooper! She is banished forever from the clippers..

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