My Engine

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My Engine

When I was younger
I'd go for a spin.
So great was my hunger,
I'd drive to Berlin.

As I got older,
Hand on my heart,
The engine was colder,
I'd need a bump start.

The motor got mucky,
First starts, then it stops.
Sometimes I'd be lucky
To get to the shops.

Now, seized and rusty,
Where once it all shone,
My tried and my trusty
Has got up and gone.

20 Comments on “My Engine

  1. Awwww. Sad. Needs a little TLC. You should call that show… can’t think of their name but I think it’s got SOS in the title. We used to enjoy watching them resuscitate old cars. Britain’s full of motoring treasures, it seems. In Australia you see “motoring treasures” out to rust in cow paddocks like reddening dinosaur bones amongst pats and paspalum.

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