The Victory

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The Victory

Oh, how I long for the buzz of a crowd,
The hustle and bustle, the shouting out loud.
United, one voice, a community choir
Inciting, exciting as voices get higher.
Fiercely protective, allegiances proud,
As pent up frustrations are vented aloud.

The shame of the game, when your team goes one down
A penalty! Referee! That man is a clown.
The waster finds space to, nip through, equalise
Stick that up your kilt, and try that on for size.
Two more, take what for, now your world's upside down
Subdued is the mood, in the wrong half of town.

So, it's off to the pub with the rest of the crew.
The reds put to bed, and the team are all blue.
Ecstatic, emphatic, a victory, a win
Can't wait for the date when you do it again.
Your hopes for the cup are rekindled anew,
Forgetting last week, you were thankful you drew.

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