You were a tender lover

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You were a tender lover

You were a tender lover,
Attentive, thoughtful, kind.
Why would I want another?
The last thing on my mind.

It was a whirlwind romance,
Two short months, then wed.
Didn't really get the chance
To hear what others said.

Then, the violence started,
Subtle, but my fault.
Should've left, departed,
Called a stop, a halt.

You hit me, yet you love me,
Well how perverse is that?
You're jealous of the fellers
I see behind your back.

It's only drink that's talking,
Makes you resort to force.
Why then, are you stalking,
If you don't want divorce.

The sorry that comes after,
The crappy bunch of flowers.
You shrug it off with laughter,
And say that love is ours.

Tonight, another beating,
Broken bones and worse
But, it's my fault for cheating,
"Say nothing to the nurse."

In 'A and E', I'm treated,
I tripped, fell down the stairs.
Behind the lies retreated,
From their suspicious stares.

Cops try to prosecute you
And I refuse to press.
Off we go, the loving two,
To more cheap flowers, I guess.

You crossed a line this evening,
One last, one final time,
As the ambulance is leaving,
I gasp, arrest, flat-line.

I hit you, cos I love you
Didn't mean to use the knife
Now, you've gone and ruined
My sad, self-centred life.

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