I wandered lonely

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com
I wandered lonely 

I wandered lonely as a tramp, 
A president, or five times champ. 
In splendid isolation, I 
Could see with my objective eye, 
How all life's problems spring from men 
Who, power crave, like oxygen. 
See in terms of nihilistic 
No time for the altruistic. 

Who think the world a giant gem, 
To plunder, pillage, all for them. 
What use they, the artist, poet 
Sentiment, they durst not show it.
What excuse, tyrant, dictator 
When you come to meet your maker? 
Sowing bitter seeds of hatred 
Were your passions ever sated? 

Money is the root of evil, 
Love will triumph, always, we will 
Strive to help out one another, 
Mother, father, sister, brother 
So that in that final reckoning 
We will find our loved ones beckoning.

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