The Abuser

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The Abuser 

The crocodile 
Boasts a charming smile, 
But beware those teeth 
Because underneath 
Lies a paedophile.

14 Comments on “The Abuser

  1. So sad. I remember hearing a comedian talking about how hard it is to tell your kids that the real monsters in their lives will look just like Mum and Dad. A short and sharp poem.

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      • They used to show us an advert at school of a guy who said he had puppies in the back of his car. It’s a good job they did because one day a stranger offered me and my friend a lift home. But we ran home instead and our parents called the police!

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      • The worrying thing was I felt sorry for the guy at the time because we called the police and he ‘might have been innocent.’ Just shows how kids are naturally trusting!

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      • My young brother was stopped by a guy in the park who offered to show him a book about sex. Luckily he knew not to talk to strangers, came home and told my dad that a man wanted to show him a book about insects!
        My dad went back to the park and battered him!!!
        Summary justice I suppose.

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  2. creepy. Why can’t we create such stigma and shame towards such actions as to prevent them happening? Outlaw the imagery that makes children objects of desire. If one comes near my two, I’m gutting it and using it’s hide to make boots.

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    • I think most sane parents feel like you do Karen. I saw a really disturbing documentary about parents in America entering their pre-pubescent daughters into ‘beauty pageants’ with swimming cossies and make up. Made me want to throw up!

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