Old age pensioner

Dauphy:  I've written a short poem for you today.
Hobbo: Thanks Dauphy. I thought you'd forgotten.
Dauphy: What is a pension anyway?
Hobbo:  It's a sort of an allowance.
Dauphy:  More dog treats then?...
Old age pensioner 

Today, I get O.A.P status 
A tribute to my apparatus. 
It's downhill from here, 
After sixty six year, 
My hernia is at a hiatus.

18 Comments on “Old age pensioner

  1. good news about the hernia!! Thinking of apparatus and “down hill” from here, have you read “The Shipping News” by Annie E Proulx? There’s a lovely story in there about Bill Pretty taking his grandfather clock to get repaired and it ends up being his toboggan down an icy slope.

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