The Park Bench

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The Park Bench 

I could tell you some tales 
About bums on this bench. 
There's that woman from Wales, 
A fine, sturdy wench. 

The elderly couple 
Who stop for a brew. 
She's not so supple, 
And he's eighty two. 

The kids who pop by 
To play hide and seek, 
Or in winter, I Spy, 
Is it bird? Is it beak? 

But of all those I ease, 
My favourite pair, 
Is the courting strip-tease 
With their legs in the air.

13 Comments on “The Park Bench

  1. Makes that bench seem like a breeding ground, in more than one way. It was good to hear the beaches point of view on all those visitors. πŸ˜‰

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