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Transient as 
a wet tyre track 
on sunwarmed tarmac. 
Fleeting as 
the first snow of winter. 
Evanescent as 
electricity in a battery. 
Transitory as 
the twin towers. 
Ephemeral as 
early morning dew. 
Short lived as 
a shooting star. 
Cursory as 
a nod from a stranger. 

Invaluable as 
a Picasso painting. 
Dear as 
a diamond anniversary. 
Inestimable as 
insects on earth. 
Precious as 
your new born baby. 

We have only one 
and it melts in the sun.

15 Comments on “Life

  1. Brilliant musings on the multi-faceted cuts of life’s jewel. It’s that type of poem that needs to be re-examined and discussed over coffee. Life as a cafe stocked with other like minds. You’d be there, for sure. Going to the chap book.

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