The beer drinker

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The beer drinker 

An old speckled hen, 
Went out for a drink. 
Said the barman, "Now then. 
Whaddya think?" 

"I have an ale, 
That is named after you." 
"An unlikely tale, 
You've a beer named Sue?"

17 Comments on “The beer drinker

  1. Had to google that one! πŸ˜€ Funny name for an ale. Does it make you feel broody? Your poem reminds me of an ad we had here for Moccona Coffee – some particular brew with “Kenyan” in the title. Anyway so there’s a woman in the supermarket trying to get her instant coffee down from the shelf but she’s a bit short. This tall, handsome black man comes up behind her and gets the jar down for her. She looks at him coquettishly and says “This is where you come from!” And he says in high-pitched surprise and with a bit of a lisp “Really?! Shropshire?”

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  2. This was really funny! Old Speckled Hen, sounds like a Pub name. Now I’ll spend the rest of the evening picture Sue drinking that beer. It will probably take all night! πŸ™‚ Cheers!

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