The morning after

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The morning after 

A pass at the glass, and I know I'm in trouble. 
Red road maps my eyes, out of focus as Hubble. 
I can't raise a grin, scratchy skin full of stubble. 
Last night, it felt right. It was hell of a party. 
Six shots on the trot, tried to prove me a smarty. 
I should have said no, but I had to have doubles, 
To drink like a fish, with a fistful of bubbles. 

This morning, I'm yawning, but I've work in an hour. 
Heads a shed, feet like lead, as I crawl in the shower. 
Whisky breath, I am death, with a tongue tasting sour. 
Soap, does its work, as I splash it all over. 
Can't face any food, but I'll beat this hangover. 
Laughter, day after? No, I'm dull, done for, dour 
No great loss. I'm the boss. I'm the guy with the power.

10 Comments on “The morning after

  1. Shades of Robert Service. Few understand or appreciate the interior close rhyme difficulty. Maybe oi more read aloud. Good show, my man! Good show!

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  2. 🍹hair of the dog after shower! Lol he should have called the manager to take over for the day! I had to go back and read it again I missed those interior rhymes till SP mentioned them.

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