The Cinema

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The Cinema 

What is it with cinema munchers? 
Too greedy to wait for lunch as 
They chomp their way through a selection, 
Of popcorn and other confection. 

Popcorn is consumed by the bucket, 
As noisily crunching, they tuck it 
Away quickly, as though they are starving, 
Never thinking of sharing, or halving. 

Washed down with a tubful of drink, 
Sufficient a cruiser, to sink. 
Can they really not go for an hour, 
With only the plot to devour?

19 Comments on “The Cinema

  1. Fair point! I love the last line. πŸ™‚ Ages since I have been in to a cinema. Not only because of COVID-19 but because of kids. But I was trained from a young age that cinema food is ridiculously priced. So I have rarely purchased.

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  2. Guess the storyline may be thick, but the characters just won’t stick without something chewy, crunchy or gooey, which surely helps when the film is phoeey.

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  3. I went to see Tenet last August, the first trip to the cinema since lockdown eased. There was a big guy two seats away from me demolishing a lot of crunchy/slurpy food stuffs for the first 20 minutes of the film. Left me wishing I was watching at home…

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  4. Not in a theatre but at home, with what I know will be an exceptional movie, Britcom, or a good and true murder “mystery,” I do love popcorn. Exotic seasonings not available at the Bijou – garlic dust, cinnamon, ginger, chili powder, Wasabi, or maybe just misted avocado oil. Not at the same time, not at the same time. Luxury. A tub of cola? No. Iced tea perhaps, or lemonade. The boors in the theatre and your disdain, I appreciate, but popcorn is a luxury and my sense of smell, taste, and even the tactile rounding-up three or four fluffy morsels for a munch add to the mental and visual stimulus – I am, at last, in the comfort of my favorite chair, done with the day. ****-off world, this is my time, our time, leave us alone, we WILL enjoy this! (All the same, you goof, a smashing little ditty.)

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    • You can tuck into a 5 course meal at home if you like. You’re not disturbing me. It’s the buggers at the cinema. Bon appetit!

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