The Threshold

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The Gender Gap

The pain threshold for men, 
Is lower than a snake. 
A bit of cold and then, 
Why, such a fuss they make. 

Where women prove their worth, 
In tightening of the screws, 
Is not for giving birth,
 It's purchasing new shoes.

7 Comments on “The Threshold

  1. They way they are standing in the picture is very unique, i liked it so mcuh. would you please comment on my last blog, you might like to try the meal there mentioned

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  2. It engenders some gender generalisations. But I guess the basic gist is: men have a weakness with ‘flus and women have a weakness for shoes. But you’re not all wuss bags and we’re not all Imeldas.

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  3. Sorry, I don’t see this.
    When I am in pain, I just want to be left alone, to get it out of my system.
    Mrs Bump wants to fuss over me, but I repeat, I just want to be left alone.
    Then she tells everybody it is man-flu!

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