Vanity Fare

Photo by Oleg Magni on
Vanity Fare 

Cosmetically tightened, her face has been tucked 
As taut as a drum, where before it was rucked. 
Her breasts are as pert as a twenty year old, 
Where the implants were planted, no sign of a fold. 

The eyebrows tattooed into near perfect arches, 
Like Ronald McDonald's, and stiffer than starch is. 
Her fat all squeezed out by lipo, and suction, 
And lips pumped rock hard, to the brink of destruction. 

Feet nibbled, quite clean, by some fish in a pond. 
A brow full of Botox, hair platinum blonde. 
Bikini line waxing, to make your eyes water. 
Spends all on herself, trying to look like her daughter. 

Absolutely no end to the things she's improved, 
From the snow whitened teeth, to the tattoos removed, 
But try to make friends, and she'll lead you a waltz, 
She'll have nothing to do, with you dear, if you're false.

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