End of life care

Photo by Harshi Rateria on Pexels.com
End of life care 

She was ninety two, 
and incontinent. 
by blinking 
her wish to expire. 
She died alone, 
and in agony,
when a God 
she no longer believed in
decided she could. 

He was very old, 
way past his prime. 
Lost his zest for life. 
No quality of life. 
Surrounded by loved ones, 
he was 
put to sleep 
with dignity, 
by the vet. 

25 Comments on “End of life care

  1. this is powerfully relatable, Hobbo; when my dog had incurable stomach cAncer, they put her mercifully to sleep; I held he paw as she passed away but both my in-laws were allowed to suffer to the bitter end from incurable cancer:( I was and am still angry about this: that we treat our animals better thah humans, BUT the tide is turning, Hobbo — at least in Australia — the tide is turning 🙂

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    • There are moves afoot here to change the laws John, but whether it will happen, who knows. I have lost three dogs over time, and each one was put to sleep with dignity, yet I’ve seen friends and relatives really suffering with terminal illness.

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  2. There it is; the right to deny. Lost to us as we grapple with our gods, fear of religion and periscoped view of death.Yet, we are comforted by the peaceful passing of our most beloved pets. Very powerful piece this Easter as many think of life and death. Chapbook. Man, I think it will have a whole section dedicated to you, Hobbo.

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  3. 💙💙 a pet is allowed to die with love and dignity, however we are denied that even when the inevitable is death. This is a very pungent pieces Mr. H.

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