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You are a silly old sausage, she teased. 
Well, let's be more specific, he wheezed.
 Am I Andouille, tasty but smelly, 
Or a small Chipolata, a body like jelly. 
A spicy Chorizo, made up of hot stuff, 
Or a big handsome Bratwurst, who can't get enough. 
I was thinking of Breakfast, because of the taste, 
Lacking in substance, but too good to waste.

8 Comments on “Sausages

  1. Lol. Lacking in substance but too good to waste. That’s vsome kind of backhander… Or fore hander I guess. I was recently reminded of one of Leonard Cohen’s songs in which he said “She told me again she preferred handsome men, but for me she would make an exception.”. I love this line and yours reminds me of it somewhat.

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  2. some great lines there, Hobbo: a tasty, titilllating tease of a piece; jolly good one: I can tell you had fun with this — and that’s how the best light verse is written: in a spirit of play 🙂

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  3. You forgot the knockwurst, maybe short and thick but oh so filling…oh geezzz I did type that, didn’t I? Mr H you bring out the wurst. 🤦‍♀️😅


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