Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

In a country called Femland
They are changing the law.
Soon adulterous men
Won't exist any more.

Femmes can snip manhood,
With utter impunity.
The law will protect them,
And grant them immunity.

So, that men who can not,
Keep it tucked in their smalls
Are in very grave danger
of losing their balls.

12 Comments on “Femland

  1. Oh, this is a wonderful idea. Such a smart solution. Equipped with a knife or small a pair of shears, women prune diseased limbs that wander too near. 🙂 Brilliant, Hobbo.

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    • But the woman goes backwards and the man gets the blame if it goes wrong. Welcome back SP. I trust that all is well and you are in fine fettle after your little break from the madness of WP

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      • Watch a championship level competition. Much lateral movement and backward motion by both partners. It does, indeed take two to tango. Sure, the male “leads” but the female need not follow. (I assume she will be unsheathing her highland dirk while the befuzzled “superior male” witlessly exposes himself.)

        Not talking here of the animals one hears of who are not “dancing,” but those bent on basest self gratification: unprotected in a former life, I witnessed raw and evil animal acts by women too. That, though, is unfair to “animals” as only humans (with few exceptions – apes, orcas, and dolphins) are the only species to maim, murder, and abuse their own.

        Still, a fine piece. I shudder though that the solution to too much Yin is deemed to be too much Yang. It is a solution, but not a viable solution. Constant over-correction leading to damage somewhere need be replaced by removing excess, not over excess-ing the other way. That is cloudy, I suppose, but I know what I meant.

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  2. Blimey SP, I can tell that the rest has done you some good. A well thought out and philosophical response to what was really just a bit of fluff. I do stand corrected, because I would never condone violence in whatever form it manifests itself (other than self defence).


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