Fashion Victims

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Fashion Victims

Designer jeans,
what a farce.
All those holes,
you look an idiot.

Pumped up lips,
look at that.
Sorry love,
you look a twerp.

Baseball cap
worn back to front.
you look a clown.

Height of fashion,
latest look.
Do I really,
give a fig.

15 Comments on “Fashion Victims

  1. i must admit, i get on a high horse about this stuff too. I saw a woman at the shops recently with big rectangular holes in her jeans above each knee. I have jeans that have worn through that I still wear at home sometimes and having those huge holes is annoying. Your knee gets caught in them and, when you go to put the damn things on, your foot goes through the knee hole every time! Aside from that, some fashions are just wrong for about 99% of bodies but people just wear them anyway. But my favourite fashion whinge is underwear. Seriously? You have lingerie shops if you want fancy, sexy stuff. But let the run-of-the-mill day in day out stuff alone so that I don’t have to try on 40 bras every time I need a new one. It drives me batty. Sorry, blokes. It’s just one of those things.

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  2. For today’s slaves to fashion I have much stronger words. Tried once to recall if “in the olden days” we were as foolish. Nope. If money wasn’t the stopper, it was functionality. Good read, though. Makes me want to produce both an R and X-rated take-off.

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