Light Verse

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Light Verse

Considered silly, not serious,
Impish, but never imperious.
My verse is light, not stodgy, heavy,
Less red wine and more beer bevvy.
No clever rhymes to take your breath,
My verse won't scare you half to death.
When I paint pictures, it's by halves,
I'm only here to make you laugh.
So, if you chuckle at my poem,
Tha'll do for me and I've hit home.

16 Comments on “Light Verse

  1. You certainly do make me laugh but I disagree that’s all you do! I think some of your poems are very thought provoking and with serious undertones. Some are positively poignant. And if you say there’s anything wrong with that, then I will take it as a criticism. πŸ˜€

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