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Spiders, snakes, irrational fear,
Can hold us back, and be severe.
Fear of public speaking, talking
To a crowd, or fear of walking
Open spaces, confined spaces.
Fear of people, fear of faces.
Fear of losing someone dear,
Scared of what our loved ones hear.

Scared to venture, scared to try,
Scared of water, scared to fly.
Deep, dark places, dizzy heights,
Anything can give us frights.
Ridicule, fear of rejection,
Anything, upon reflection.
Fear is human, that's no lie,
Can cripple us, can make us cry.
We need to conquer it, aim high,
Pocket fear, reach for the sky.

18 Comments on “Fear

  1. I will need massive pockets. Maybe that’s my problem. Women’s fashion orders fingernail sliver pockets. If I wear men’s jeans, the pockets will better contain my fears.

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  2. I got very anxious about things after my stroke. The main thing that got me past this, I knew I hadn’t been afraid of these things beforehand, and the only thing that had changed was my head.

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  3. Fear prevents us from enjoying life without adding anything to it. Except I suppose a few years if we are naturally afraid of things like jumping off a cliff or setting ourselves on fire!

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  4. That spider πŸ•· keeps watching and moving when I do! 😱 splaaatttt!!! Not anymore I conquered my fear!!!! 🀭. On a serious note, it’s not always that is to just pocket it, those pockets can be deep, wearing a hole in it takes years for some.

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