Life is…

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Life is...

is a puzzle.

A cryptic crossword
that makes no sense.
A jigsaw
with missing pieces.

A word game
in a foreign language.
A sudoku
that doesn't add up.

A Rubik Cube
with seven sides.
A word-search
for meaning.

21 Comments on “Life is…

  1. So true. And yet still we search for pattern and meaning and reason. And you know, movies and novels that don’t tie up loose ends are considered a bit poor. Or maybe that’s unique to me. Anyway, it’s very frustrating that the puzzle of life isn’t more readily solvable. Just an anagram or a few digits rearranged… surely!?!!!

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    • If only it were as simple as re-arranging an anagram. You are so right, we do search for reason and meaning, but there are no easy answers.

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  2. Just like my game cabinet after my littles have been playing with its contents. Life sounds messy and unpredictable, which is frustrating and familiar. Life is a deck of cards without an ace of hearts. Unforgiving .

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