Mother and Daughter

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Mother and Daughter

Choose your path carefully
my beloved daughter.
The well trodden one,
that of your ancestors,
leads to children,
a partner, domesticity,
even possible happiness.

The other,
not yet carved,
requires courage and commitment.
You may get lost,
but you could fulfill your dreams.
Choose wisely darling,
for there is no return.
And, if I want both mummy?
Then my dear child,
you, are truly my daughter.

14 Comments on “Mother and Daughter

  1. Such a mixed bag – this business of choice. I have chosen the former (to a large degree) and to those who try for both, I look with admiration. It’s such a tough road. I feel so lucky to have the luxury of the choice but at the same time, I feel the choice has put millions of people under extraordinary pressure.

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    • It’s really interesting that you think being given that choice is putting people under pressure. I don’t think women should feel pressured, but I do think they should have the choice.😊

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      • Oh it’s not only women under pressure. It’s families. It’s men. It’s society. Everything has had to change. Kids outsourced to care. Men needing to do more at home. Women wanting careers but feeling guilty about kids or wanting kids but feeling pressured by careers. I totally agree that women should have the choice. But I think there’s a long way to go before it’s easy … or even truly normal. I think it’s great for dads but also hard. Dads missed out on being there for their kids for generations. But the path to change hasn’t been smooth or without stigma for men or women.

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      • I absolutely agree with all this. Perhaps, as a society, we are so keen to implement change that we sometimes push it through without fully considering all the consequences first.

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    • As I said, really interesting that you feel pressured, as I had never considered how much pressure that choice could bring.😊

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