Accent, what accent?

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Accent, what accent?

Did you say stirring or staring,
Whirring or wearing,
Farting or fighting,
Karting or Kiting?

Are you larking, or liking,
Harking, or hiking,
Was it bangle or bungle,
Jangle or Jungle?

Were you walking or working,
Jerking, or joking?
Your accent is funny,
Or should that be fanny?

19 Comments on “Accent, what accent?

  1. 😀 When I was in China, somebody asked me if Australia has different dialects. I explained that we have variations in extremity of accent and I demonstrated a more outback version of ” hello, how are you?” which you might write as “G’day mate. ‘owzit garn?” My audience had no idea what I’d said. So that was fun. 😀

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    • When I was living in France, I found I could understand people who spoke good french quite easily, but the accents and patois in the villages was, quite literally, another language.

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      • The Bavarian accent (and vocabulary) is quite different from standard German. It takes a bit of getting used, but now I find myself using the local vocabulary with ease.

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