To err is human

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To err is human

As a young man, I committed an act,
Trivial in nature, but monstrous in fact.
To cover it up, I told me a lie,
Which bothered me since, and will till I die.
A man of the church, would pray to his God,
And cancel that sin. If only I could.
So as I've grown old, I've started to trawl,
Through wrongs in my life, and that was not all.

The errors I've made, are varied and many,
A clock won't rewind, or cancel out any.
Can't live a life, on what-ifs and maybe,
An innocent man, there is only the baby.
We're human, we err, it's sad, but it's true,
Learn from mistakes, the best we can do.
Live for the future, as life is so vast,
Don't look behind you, the past, it has passed.

14 Comments on “To err is human

  1. Gosh. A grim thing, to dwell on mistakes. But as long as we learn from them, that’s the ticket to growth and moving forwards. Individuals seem to find this notion easier to grasp than the species as a whole.

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  2. This poem rings true to me, as the past can catapult us into a better future, but it can also weight us down like rocks in our backpacks. Learning to let go of the weighty ones and just keep the forward momentum of what we learned, a tough lesson indeed. Much enjoyed.

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