The power of positivity

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 The power of positivity

Don't look so glum, chum.
Turn up the dial, smile.
Give us a grin, Lynne.
Let go that smirk, Kirk.
It's okay to crow, Joe.
How 'bout a cheer, dear?
Go for that laugh, Araf.
Love that snigger, tigger.

Throw me a chuckle, Huckle.
Share your top titter, Twitter.
Let's hear the guffaw, Thor.
Enjoy a good giggle, Piggle.
Don't be so fickle, tickle.
Show that you're mortal, chortle.
Don't get depressed, Tess.
Life is for fun, hon.

15 Comments on “The power of positivity

  1. Love this, reminds me so much of 50 ways to leave your lover, but now I see that up in comments. Lovely smile, Kyle. You paint such a lovely word photo, Hobbo.

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