Car Boot Sale

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The Car Boot Sale

A man finds an old Union Jack,
Tries to sell it as junk, bric-a-brac,
But at car boot is seen
By a not amused Queen,
And with handbag, is given a whack.

7 Comments on “Car Boot Sale

  1. Anybody who gets whacked by the Queen, especially at their own car boot sale would sport the bruise with pride, right? I mean, even if you don’t like the monarchy, surely the Queen turning up to your car boot sale would be pretty cool. So you’d go and tell people and show them your bruise and they wouldn’t believe you. Not for a second. They’d laugh the pants off. Okay, you’re right. It would be shocking… unless she was willing to pose for a selfie afterwards. (Point of interest: we call them garage sales in Australia. I assume they’re similar though)

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    • Garage sales are similar, but at a car boot sale people drive to a location, like a disused racecourse, park up, and sell from little tables outside their cars, or literally from their car boot. I think if HM the Queen gave me a bruise, I’d ask her to autograph it! A selfie would be a bonus!


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