A frustrating game

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com
A frustrating game

What a round of golf today,
Like Ballesteros in his day.
Next time out, a different story,
Harry Hookit in his glory.

7 Comments on “A frustrating game

  1. golf can be like that: I used to play it — not very well — when I was teaching in the country; you were expected to play golf or Aussie Rules; I chose golf 🙂

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  2. I was a lot smarter in 1968 than now. After a beautiful drive off the tee bonked a hidden rock, accosted a jackrabbit, and careened well off a birdie-teasing path, I chunked my clubs into the trunk of my Impala where they stayed until I sold them to the Chief of Police in 1970. Suddenly the “sport” had no appeal. No bending of shafts across my knee, no cursing, no rabid antics, simply a realization that golf was cruelly unnatural. I find, not that I’m pondering insane greens fees again, but that I’m rethinking many other life decisions. Some trivial like getting married, others cosmic, like selling that Impala. Swell read, Hobb. Thanks.

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