Sex Workers

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Sex workers
(parody of Common Cormorant by Christopher Isherwood)
(Contains adult themes)

The common prostitute, or slag
Earns money for her goodnight shag.
The reason's clear, she needs the cash,
To feed her habit, buy the hash.
But what these unobservant men,
Have never noticed, is that when
They use the services she trades,
There's more than one, her work degrades.

11 Comments on “Sex Workers

  1. I think as long as there is sex there will be sex workers, and I do believe they should be protected so they can work safely.

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  2. I agree with Ingrid about the protection. And I also think that they aren’t necessarily in it to support a habit. Some are in it to stay alive (maybe they pick up the habit later if they have awful experiences and need to escape). And, actually, from stuff I’ve heard from younger folk, there’s also sex therapy – sex workers who are also therapists. It’s not a shrinking industry, that’s for sure. Unlike woolen socks.

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    • Very true. I thought carefully about this post because I did not want to be derogatory about them. I do think they actually provide a valuable service for people who for whatever reason can’t get a partner.

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