Hobbo Award MAY 2021


Honourable Order of Best Blog Owners

Hi everyone. It’s that time of the month where we give the HOBBO Award (Honourable Order of Best Blog Owners) to the owner of the blog which has kept us the most amused, entertained, informed and sometimes even educated over the past few weeks.

The fifth award winner of 2021 is (wait for it Dauphy)

The Mouse, a twisting tail, His eclectic mini collections of poetry, prose and educational insights is a joy to read.

Here is a link to his site;


Congratulations on winning this award! You don’t need to answer any questions or do anything other than give yourself a big pat on the back. It is simply our way of saying thank you for providing us with some entertaining posts over the last month.

Hobbo and Dauphy

14 Comments on “Hobbo Award MAY 2021

  1. Thank you! I incredibly excited to receive this Hobbo!
    I don’t receive awards often and that makes this one even more special.
    Normally there are questions and a chain mail effect of new recipients attached, another reason this award is much more precious, they are few and selected thoughtfully.
    I know all of the past winners and ecstatic to be considered part of their ranks!
    Thank you again for the award, and for your own delightfully entertaining site.

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    • 👍 It is a small, but select band with lots of quality contenders. I was thinking of knocking it on the head after 12 months, but I’ve had such positive feedback I will probably keep it going.😊

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