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Standing atop of a hill,
Moody, magnificent, still.
Outsize penis, erect, with a view,
Boast, I can piss further than you.
These phallic symbols immense,
Speak of more money than sense.

Folly: A building in the UK with no actual purpose other than to demonstrate wealth. Usually stone built, phallic shaped and situated on top of a hill.

11 Comments on “Folly

  1. Ha ha ha. There was one on Grand Designs that got … extended (yup. pun and all). Your poem is funny . I grew up in an area where people had more money than sense. Ostentatious gate ways, massive houses, a window on the diagonal. All sorts of insane displays of wealth. And then I read Michael Jordahl’s post today and it nearly made me cry. The distribution of wealth (or lack of distribution) is such an appalling unfairness in this world.

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    • Thank you! People who are extremely wealthy do do some daft things. I agree that the distribution of wealth is obscenely one sided.

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