Scoop that poop

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Scoop that poop

What a hullabaloo
About picking up poo.
Simply, bag it and bin it,
As soon as you've seen it.
Don't pull that stunt
Of walking in front
Of your dog when it poos,
Pretending it's news.
Claim, you were not aware
That she'd left her mess there.
Pick it up, it's your show,
Fait comme il faut.

Fait comme il faut:  Do what is necessary

17 Comments on “Scoop that poop

  1. I was commenting to my friend during a walk through the park down to the beach that you never see dog poo around any more; I think the message has got through to the dog walkers of the coastal suburbs of Adelaide πŸ™‚

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    • I am very pleased to hear it John. Most dog owners are responsible these days. It is just a minority who spoil it for everyone. 😊

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  2. I just wish they would discover something other than plastic for the collection there-of. It’s so awful that we put something as biodegradable as excrement into PLASTIC. I just can’t cope with it.

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      • I hope you’re right. Our local super market sells “degradable” bin bags but my husband checked the claims made on the packaging and could find no supporting science. I can’t remember the details now but it made me very dubious.

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  3. I’m starting a delivery service. For them that haven’t time to tend their doggie’s “business,” I pick it up with a shovel and deliver to their front steps. As a courtesy, I ring the bell and advise them of delivery so they can enjoy it while it’s fresh. Go ahead, say it: “His business is picking up.” Some people are such inconsiderate shits, they are not pleased.

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    • The removal business eh. Great idea. You could get the deliveries done by Deliveroo or Just Eat. It would save you the aggravation.

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  4. Someone bagged their dog’s poo but then left the bag on my lawn. I’d rather they leave the poo unwrapped… that way it at least dries and crumbles!

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