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The way that this tattoo fad's going,
Pretty soon, there'll be no way of knowing
If we're black or we're white
With tattoos inked so tight
That there isn't an inch of skin showing.

15 Comments on “Tattoos

  1. Perhaps a good thing but there’s also a lot of racial cases filed against tattoo artists who refuse to tattoo / color people’s skins with shades not matching their complexion… a tough case because both sides have acceptable arguments… our problem is beyond color I am afraid.

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    • I didn’t know that, and of course you are right, the prejudice issue is much more than a question of colour. Until we can all treat each other with respect we have a long way to go. A little poem is not going to solve anything, but if it starts a discussion, that has to be a plus.
      I wasn’t aware of the cases filed against tattooists, so that was interesting. Thanks for your comments.

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      • Yes! Poems like yours is a conversation starter! It’s always nice to talk about these issues to raise awareness as a lot of people still don’t find it quite important.

        About 2-3 years ago, a tattoo shop in LA took some heat about their refusal to tattoo someone because it doesn’t match their skin color; then as I was reading through the comments, there’s apparently a lot of issues arising from tattooists’ decisions to refuse tattooing people certain designs/colors because of their complexion…

        Thanks for such a thought provoking poem ❤️

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