A chat with my maker

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com
A chat with my maker

I hate my nose, God,
It's way, way too big,
And my pale pink skin
Makes me look like a pig.

You need a large nose
To hold up your glasses.
Would you rather you had
A skin like molasses?

Black would be great,
I've no prejudice.
But four foot eight tall
Are you taking the piss?

I save my dark skin
For the people I like
And as for your size,
Well. how big's your bike?

I know that you're busy
With the millions you make,
One thing I detest,
Is the way my hands shake.

That's a small error,
Quality control,
No way it affects
The life in your soul.

Talking of which,
How long have I got,
Before popping my clogs
And starting to rot?

I can't be exact,
It's only a hunch,
All I would say is
Enjoy a good lunch.

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