My new table

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My new table

This table I am looking at
Is four by two, and very flat.
It's green baize cloth is not wipe clean,
Impossible to get a sheen,
And all the way around the edge
Is like a cushioned little ledge.
On the corners, up the sides
Are pockets, where my dropped food hides.
I'm snookered as to what to do
With it. Are you?

10 Comments on “My new table

  1. Huh! Sounds like the first high chair we bought. It was great because it folded up pretty flat so it was stowable in our relatively small house. But it had so many nooks and crannies! And babies are not tidy eaters! We fairly quickly substituted it for an Ikea model – hard moulded plastic with no crevices and not nearly as foldable. Some designers really don’t know who they are designing for! Honestly, some products are totally impractical.

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