Bloody Covid!

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Bloody Covid!

Planned April twenty twenty-one
Australia to see my son.
Fortieth birthday, surprise treat,
Not aware, so act discreet.
Two years in, Covid's not done,
Postpone to Christmas twenty-one.
Aussies keep their borders shut,
Situation, now clear cut.
Staying closed till twenty-two
Christmas next will have to do!

A small, small world, we used to say,
But suddenly, he's far away.
I'll have to wait for that big hug,
A victim of that wretched bug.
At least we're here, so can't complain
A lot won't see loved ones again.
Those who come through live and kicking
Be thankful that your clock's still ticking.
Next time you, your loved ones see
Give them an extra hug, from me.

12 Comments on “Bloody Covid!

  1. Sorry to hear that. Our gov’t sure is tight on borders. We’re pretty free of COVID within the country so for that much I am grateful. But I feel really sorry for families that are split or Aussies who have been living overseas and can’t get home.

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  2. Same story here. One son lives in Bogotá (with 2 grandkids) and the other son lives in America (with the other 2 grandkids). We’re hoping for Christmas 2022. Lost 2 friends to Covid last year. We stay home mostly; safe healthy. I hope you and yours stay well.

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