Pet Choice

Dauphy: Lovely day Hobbo.

Hobbo: Indeed it is, beautiful.

Dauphy: Have you had your jabs yet?

Hobbo: Yes, both of them.

Dauphy: Do I need vaccinating?

Hobbo: Well yes, every year, but not against covid.

Dauphy: Why not?

Hobbo: Don’t worry, dogs can’t catch it. I’ve written a poem I think you will like this morning.

Dauphy: I like most of them…

Pet Choice

When children are yearning a pet,
Choose with care, or you'll live to regret.
Fishes, you don't need to walk,
Parrots of course, love to talk.
If your neighbour continually rants,
Buy a tom cat to crap on his plants.

Instead of a horse, get a donkey,
And claim it's a pony, but wonky.
All rodents, like rats, come in cheap
But beavers are buggers to keep.
Consider a fluffy white rabbit,
Though they eat their own shit, dirty habit.

Elephants, I don't recommend,
The things that they touch, tend to bend.
Monkeys are good for a laugh,
Or, not scared of heights, a giraffe.
Not much room, try a budgie, or frog
But the best pet by miles is a dog.

18 Comments on “Pet Choice

  1. Added bonus of having a cat though: they can jump down 3 storeys into the neighbours back garden so you have to get up at 3am to retrieve him 😱

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  2. I love dogs. But I also love cats and horses and chooks and goats. I haven’t ever had a pet pig but pretty sure I would love them too. I just think pets are awesome. πŸ™‚

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