My Child

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My Child

My darling child,
as you journey through life,
I wish you love.

Not the destructive love
of wealth and material things,
but the constant love
of family and friends.

Not that selfish love
of my, me, self
but the fulfilling love
of helping others.

As you grow older,
I pray that you will learn to love
truth, honesty, justice, integrity,
health, happiness, freedom and equality.

I wish you
the passionate love
of a lover,
and the faithful love
of a soul mate,
but most of all
love of life.

My child, I love you
and I give you
my parental love,
unceasing and unconditional
until the day I die.

16 Comments on “My Child

    • Thanks Karen. It’s the way we feel about our kids, even when they are adults, which mine are.šŸ˜


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