The class system

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The Class System

There are people out there
Who are devil-may-care,
Don't do what is fair
Or count who they scare
And will steal whatso'er
Howso'er and when'er.

Or the vin-ordinaire
Who live laissez faire,
For whom life's an armchair,
To snooze unaware,
Without having to bare
Their soul anywhere.

But the people who dare,
Are the humans who care
That we all have our share,
Who seek to repair
That unjust affair.
For them, say a prayer.

21 Comments on “The class system

  1. Wow! Amazing! I mean the number of rhymes of all one sound is a triumph! But it also says such a wonderful message and describes people so aptly and succinctly. A tour de force!! I just love the lines “But the people you dare / are the humans who care.” Fabulous!!

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