The cycling poet

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The cycling poet

William, a poet, was cycling
When his chain broke, and forced him to stop
So he popped ovver 'road into Wainwright's
Who ran a small bicycle shop.

Embarrassed because he'd no money,
He said,"Alf, can you fix me chain right,
And I promise to pay you back later,
Which I'm hoping you'll say is alright

He'd fix it for nowt he said kindly,
If he were the last man on earth,
"Because you, William, are a poet,
And we're all aware what your word's worth.

21 Comments on “The cycling poet

  1. He he. Wordsworth on the mind. I know a joke about a poet that your selected image reminded me of. 🤔. I will think about the full story before attempting to scribe it. No ‘alf arsed poet jokes on this blog!

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      • I remember the joke!
        Two English professors are walking in the hills of Wales one afternoon. They are arguing the merits of Wordsworth and Shakespeare as poets. Just then a very bandy legged man hoves into sight over the brow of a hill. The Professor who prefers Wordsworth takes his opportunity. “Look!” He cries. “If Wordsworth saw that he would capture it so simply with a line such as:. “Over the hill and along the road comes a man whose legs are bowed.”. The other professor nods wisely. “True. Those are fine words.” He admits. “But imagine Shakespeare’s more poetic capturing of the same picture. He would say something like… Behold! What manner of man is this whose testicles hang in parenthesis?!”

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