Toilet Etiquette

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Toilet Etiquette

When travelling abroad
And in need of a loo,
It's not always easy
To know what to do.
You may want a Thomas,
A little Tom Tit,
In industrial language,
You just need a shit.
You could ask for a pony,
A pony and trap,
Or say out upfront,
You're in need of a crap.
What number is it,
A one, or a two,
Are you bursting to piss,
Or only to poo?

Then there's the room,
Do you ask for the dunny?
The little boy's room
Attracts looks that are funny.
I need the bathroom,
Why, are you mucky?
I'm searching the ladies,
You should be lucky!
Where are the gents,
Why, are you gay?
Can I use the rest room,
If you're tired, you may.
Could I powder my nose,
May well seal your fate,
By the time that's translated,
It may be too late!

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