Carry on camping

Photo by Lukas on
Carry on camping

The millennium dome
Is to be used as a home
For all of the homeless - makes sense,
A government voice
Claims this is their choice,
In pursuit of a policy in tents.

9 Comments on “Carry on camping

  1. I find it’s notable that even some homeless people refuse beds that are offered, because the beds don’t come up to scratch. Let’s be clear, the reason it’s notable is because councils seem to be incapable of making hostels which satisfy even the most basic of needs. What gives? Do they have such little empathy?

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  2. I haven’t carried cash since March last year. Buskers and homeless people, no matter how they arouse my admiration or my sympathy, get nothing from me these days. So while the virus itself hasn’t been rampant here, there are knock on effects. Or maybe I am in the minority. I note banks are charging more fees on EFTPOS transactions here. So the money always goes up the chain, not down. Anybody heard of trickle up economics?

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