A Misunderstanding

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com
 A Misunderstanding 

He left her, for another, 
She needed T.L.C 
But, when she told her mother, 
She fetched the T.C.P. 

18 Comments on “A Misunderstanding

  1. Hobbo, Could you give me some explanation about T.L.C and T.C.P, please ?
    I know the TCP from TCP/IP but i’m not sure that’s really correct here….

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    • Sorry Regis,
      TLC is an anocronym for tender loving care. Used quite frequently in the UK, people or objects will be referred to as needing a bit of TLC.
      TCP is a mild antiseptic liquid, it stands for trichlorophenylmethyliodosalicyl !
      and that is why it is just called TCP!

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