The laundry basket

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The laundry basket

One disgusting T-shirt, covered in saucery,
Two pairs of dirty knickers from last night's debauchery,
Three lots of jeans, caked in festival mud,
Four stained sheets because, you would not be good,
Five pairs of undies, where you have left your mark,
Six fluffy rabbits, glowing in the dark,
Seven pongy towels, from when the dog was ill,
Eight lacy handkerchiefs, edged with a frill,
Nine sweaty headbands, fresh from the gym,
Ten smelly socks and now it's full to the brim.

19 Comments on “The laundry basket

  1. Now those are washed, we think we’re done, however
    dirty laundry is magical
    and reappears just when you think it’s gone.

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